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Once you know what you want, scroll to the bottom and copy our form, to fill out in an e-mail to Once you send your form, we'll get started. Please send as much info as you can about/for your request, thank you!

((IMPORTANT: Please note, if you request a digital media, we will be e-mailing your piece, and you'll be responsible for printing it out, or getting a nice print made.
If you request a real/traditional media, we'll need your address to mail it. We cover shipping, that's why not all of us do traditional/real.))


So, how does this work?

It's pretty simple, actually. You pick an artist, pick what you want from that artist, and then send a filled-out form to my e-mail. Then, I'll alert whichever artist you chose, and they'll get to work. Once your peice is finished, we'll ask you to pay by putting your total into the Panda Page, and then we'll send you your artwork, whether by e-mail if it's digital, or by shipping if it's real media.

Thanks again!

What are those art medias?

Traditional: Traditional art is done in real life, not on the computer. It might be done with pencils, markers, crayons, etc. Usually it costs more because it's a bit harder to do, and we'd be giving you an original piece.

Digital: Digital art is done on the computer, usually with a tablet. It might be done in MSPaint, which I think most computers have, or it might be done in PhotoShop, or Corel, two very good art programs. Digital art is not that expensive, and we've lowered our prices, because once we e-mail it to you, you'll probably want to get a nice print somewhere.

If you have any questions about a particuliar media, feel free to leave a comment or send us an e-mail! We'll answer as quickly as we can.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Charlie's Info~


My Name's Charlie Bayford, And I'm A 16 Year Old Girl. I Just Left High School, And Am Not At College Yet, So Have A Lot Of Time To Do Commissions. I Mainly Draw On MS Paint, Using My Laptop, Or A Mouse On My Computer, But I Also Use Photoshop.
Now, What I Can Do..

Line Art
Character Sheets.
Colored And Shaded.
Full Picture, (With A Few Characters All Colored & Shaded, With A Simple Background)

Line Art
Character Sheets
Colored And Shaded.
Full Picture, (With A Few Characters All Colored & Shaded, With A Complex Background)
Semi-Realistic Headshots. (I Do Realistic Fur)

What I Can Draw:
Any Type Of Big Cat (Lions,Tiger Cheetahs Etc.)
House Cats And Kittens
Cartoon Werewolves.

My Prices:
My Prices Can Vary From $1-$10
I Do Very Small Pixel Pictures, On Paint, (Which Is About $1)
But A Full Picture Can Be About $6-$10.
The Semi-Realistic Headshots Are A Bit More Expensive Than My Cartoon Pictures, As They Take A While To Do.
Like Owen, Everything Is Negotiable, As Its Non-Profit.

Examples Of My Art:

Some MS Paint Examples:
Adult Kopa
Livi Rocker Commision
Tabby Kitten
Mini Kovu

And Some Photoshop Examples:
Scar Meets Simba
Mufasa & Sarabi
Scamp's Son
Kopa & Amari

And Finally An Example Of My Semi-Realistic Pictures:
Ginger Kitten

Thank you!

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